Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I guess, Welcome Back to me

(Originally Published 02/22/211)

Wow!!  It has been a LONG time since I posted anything to my blog.  Anyone who kept up with the last version saw that I mainly used it as an outlet for my frustrations, and it became rather dark.  This will also be a set of my outlets for my frustrations, but I have changed alot since my last post (no you can't find them...I deleted them all as a fresh start), and not everything will be DARK! 

There are going to be several changes in the route that I take with my blog.  As I planned originally, I will be posting my musing on a vast variety of things.  I have what I consider to be a unique take on things, and often times, people have wondered as to how many people live in my head.  To be honest, there are several...and we all get along nicely! :)  I will also be posting my frustrations and outlooks on my life, and keeping everyone up to date on the gist of things going on.  I think I will keep up the humor stuff, and hopefully this will take shape.  Finally, I have been writing dark poetry for quiet some time, so I decided I will start posting some of it on here.  And, yes, when I say dark, I mean dark at time.  I just can't write mushy poetry...but I ain't emo, so don't read into it. 

And of course, all of your comments and feedback are most welcome!

Oh, and one final note, I generally don't like to post the real names of my friends and family on my post.  So I use "nicknames" throughout.  If you get lost, just look at "The Cast" page (link is in the header of all my post).

Anyway, I wanted to give an update (or fresh start for those just joining me) on how things are these days.
I am still in San Antonio, though I will be moving do Denver, Colorado sometime in June.  It will be quiet an adventure, I suppose.  To be honest, I don't want to go, but through circumstances beyond my control, I am going so that I can stay close to my baby girl, Amy.  I have already started looking for jobs, and I will be taking a trip to Denver next month for interviews.  I am still single, though many thought that I was in a relationship, and I suppose I was but it wasn't the one people thought it was and it was a very detrimental one to me.  Nonetheless, I have ended that relationship/friendship as of last October, and though I am still dealing with some of the fallout, I am happy to have moved on.  I am still working in higher education, and have put secondary education on the back burner.  I have spend much time repairing relationships and friendships lost due to that aforementioned friendship, and have made new friends.  (Again, for those of you  just joining the drama of my life, I have no family close by, so I put alot into my friends, and I am very picky about who I call friend).  And that's about it!  You will catch up as you follow.
Either way, welcome (back) to Dwayne's World...I hope you will keep checking in!
Go forth and do great things

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